About Us

Elektron Cycles is a pioneer in manufacturing electric bicycles with its state of the art design and technology. We are an organization concerned about our carbon footprint and our endeavor is to make green products that contribute towards the health & happiness of the society. 

We primarily deal online with our customers providing door-step sales and services hence enriching customer experience and providing cost saving solutions.

Our core team is made of young, curious, concerned individuals from various backgrounds and experiences. However, each one contributing to our green endeavor passionately and believes in sustainability, health & outdoor sports. We rejoice our team diversity and find immense unity in that diversity.

We started in the year 2012. By the time we launched our first electric cycle m368, it was 2016. The period was filled with trials and tribulations, nevertheless, the acceptance we received within a few months made every learning lesson worthwhile. Starting 2018 we successfully launched improvised m368+.  In 2019  we introduced Indias' most advanced E-bike, M5X.

We continue to work on prototypes of electric bicycles which will offer more miles per charge, comfort and convenience, IOT integration, better components and materials, GPS integration and host of world-class features India will see for the first time.

Happy E-Cycling!