All Elektron E-Bikes are first fully assembled, tuned, calibrated, and checked by our professionals and then partially disassembled for transit. Elektron Cycles comes to you in 85% assembled state. It's fairly an easy task to assemble the remaining parts, however, if you don't have a prior experience we strongly suggest take professional assistance. 


Assembling your E-bike-

1. DIY - Along with the each e-bike we provide a toolkit and an assembly guide with the help of which the e-bike can be assembled.
2. FixMyCycle.In - Doorstep Assembling services are available through Please visit the website and check for availability in your city.
3. Local Bicycle Shop -  Our e-bikes can be easily assembled by a reliable bicycle shop near you. Components in our e-bikes are mostly similar to conventional bicycles which help in easy servicing and repairs.


Major Assembling Points –

  1. Bolting Led light and Mudguards
  2. Mounting the Front Wheel. The rear wheel is already fixed
  3. Placing & securing the handlebar in the center
  4. Attaching the Pedals

Minor Yet Important Adjustments –

  1. Correct positioning of Display Unit, Horn & Light Switch and Gear shifter for the rider
  2. Seat Height Adjustment.
  3. Tire Air Pressure
  4. Front Brake Tuning (if required)