• What is the model/make of the motor and the battery/ circuit?
The motor we use is a brush-less 250w Direct Drive motor powered by DC. (1yr warranty) 2. The battery specs are 36V 8800mAh Li-Ion Battery. It promises approximately 700-800 life cycles. It has an inbuilt mechanism for protection against over charge, over discharge and also overcurrent protection. It's covered under 1 yr. warranty.

• What is the battery made of?
The battery comprises of lithium-ion cells which are being imported and assembled in India. They are ARAI regulated and tested and are safe to use.

• Where is Elektron Cycles manufactured?
There are many parts and tech which goes into the making of this bike. Tthey have origins from different countries like China, Taiwan, Japan, and India. Our bike follows all the regulations and is certified by standards laid out by Government of India and its allotted subsidiaries. All the necessary safety parameters have been taken care keeping a riders' safety in mind.

• Where is the battery?
The battery is situated within the aluminum frame of the cycle.

• Will it be possible for me to remove the battery and charge it?
The battery is certainly changeable/removable for the purpose when it's capacity to hold any charge has exhausted or for servicing. But it's not convenient to take it out on daily basis. So, we recommend to either take the bike near a charging point or have an extension wire.

• How much does new battery cost for replacement?
A new battery at present costs ₹ 10000. The price is subject to change without notice.

• Will the battery get automatically recharged when using the pedal?
The battery doesn't get automatically charged when you pedal. But if the battery runs out you can always pedal until you get the next charging facility.

• How is the battery charged?
The battery is charged just how a laptop is charged. Plug n play. We provide an adapter which you can plug into the socket provided in the bike.

• Does it climb up mountains?

The mileage given by Elektron Cycle m368 on a normal terrain in accelerator-only mode is 60-70 kms and in PAS mode is about 100-120 kms with a max speed of up to 25 kms per hour.
Our cycles have been tested over flyovers which are steeply inclined and have come out successfully. Such tests help us confirm that Elektron Cycles can climb mountains, however, the performance output may be negatively impacted by 25-30 % as compared to normal terrain.
So yes, you can now easily climb mountains with m368 using PAS as well as accelerator without breaking into a sweat.