Safety Guidelines - Pre Ride Checks

At Elektron, we care about your safety and health and want you to have an enjoyable experience with your new e-bike. We recommend that you have your bicycle assembled and checked regularly by a skilled/professional bicycle mechanic. Carefully read the following information and familiarise yourself before your first ride.  

Pre-ride Checks

  1. Light & Horn: Check the light and horn of the bicycle. If not, make sure the plugs are properly connected. 
  2. Brakes & Gears: Brakes and gears are important components of any cycle. You must ask only a skilled mechanic to recalibrate & check these systems. Ascertain which lever operates the front and rear brakes and also that the gears should have smooth up & downshifts.
  3. Secure Seat Post: To enjoy long and relaxing rides one must find a comfortable seating position. With an adjustable seat post, you can position it to your height. Make sure to tighten and secure each time you ride the bicycle. 
  4. Tires & Spokes: You may need to inflate the tires before you start riding the bicycle. Tyre pressure keeps varying over time and with the change in weather, so keeping a check helps in the long run. It is advised to use Nitrogen Air in the tyres for better riding experience. Spokes should have enough tension in them and a broken or lose spoke can be dangerous.
  5. Charge: Before you have your first ride it’s advised to fully charge the batteries. A Charge status led light is provided on the adaptor. A red light on the adapter indicates the batteries are charging and a green light indicates it is fully charged. (Note - If you are not charging then kindly unplug the adapter from the bicycle. One should never turn on the bicycle when the bike is still charging.)
  6. Weight Limit: For your cycle and motor to perform at its best the total weight on the bike shouldn’t cross the mentioned limit, including luggage.

Points to Remember

  • Read and understand the Instruction Manual and Pre-Ride Manual carefully.
  • Double check that your cycle is assembled properly. If you’re not satisfied or the mechanic is not able to fully address the issues, it's better to visit a skilled professional in a cycle shop or showroom or contact Elektron Cycles customer support.
  • Wear protective gear before you start riding, bike helmet, glasses, gloves, knee guards, elbow guards and pollution masks if required.
  • An electric bicycle could possibly be a new experience hence you should spend some time driving your bicycle slowly in a safe environment before riding on main roads.
  • Follow traffic rules. Make sure you are visible to other people & vehicles plying on the road.
  • Check the LED front light and horn are in working condition. We recommend keeping the light on always as it improves your visibility on the road.
  • Correctly positioned Handle Bar and Seat Post results into less stress on your body. Make sure to properly fasten them.
  • The chain should have appropriate tension in it, bouncy or loose chain may damage your bike.
  • The bicycle should be properly secured on a stand.
  • Any odd noise coming from the bicycle should be addressed.
  • Elektron cycles m368+ series are designed to serve you best in normal city conditions. Do not put yourself or others at risk by riding the bicycle in mountainous, off-road terrain, wet or rainy areas or performing jumps or stunts.
  • Installing any aftermarket upgrades on the bicycle voids the warranty and should be avoided.